Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Purim Fun

Farbrenging the night away

Standing tall
In-flight entertainment
More of the same

That awesome jacket again

Mendel and Matti, playing Niggun L'Shabbos V'Yomtov #93

Class photo

Rabbi E. only plays when there are no cameras
The one guy doesn't have a nose!

"I'm pretty sure at my wedding I swore I would never do this again..."

And, viola, it's a balloon!

Meeting of the 'do you mind?'s

What ever you do, don't look up.

"And then you throw the ball, and try to get into the basket. Understand?"

marbim, marbim, marbim bsimcha

It's amazing what you can learn from a blatt gemara!

"Note to self: never say, 'If Rabbi E. can do it, so can I!'"

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Moishe Mayir said...

Dont be discouraged by the lack of comments. We love the pictures!! Keep it up!