Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Menachem's Day
Menachems Day is a photo essay by renowned photographer Avram Belinsky (from Poland). Menachem's life has changed drastically and he's loving every second. When I asked him about yeshiva he answers without hesitation "I love every moment!" and when asked how he feels out of yeshiva? he pauses and with a classic Menachem smile says "like a fish out of water". wow thats so inspirational.

Doing the netila

The socks are purple


Chassidus in the free


Deeply engrossed in prayer

Instead of discussing the latest pop hits Menachem speaks words of Torah


A quick phone call during intermission


Time for seder

The occasional chuckle

Seder sichos comes with food

A chassidic farbrengen

Shema good night

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